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Constant Voltage Transformer(CVT) is composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output with a varying input. It helps to give an excellent protection to problems of unwanted elements present in the severe fluctuating mains supply. CVT provides an unparalleled reliability and conditioning performance, spikes and electrical noises are neutralized with attenuation as high as 75dB.We have gained expertise in this domain of by fabricating a wide range of Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT), which is designed to meet various industrial applications to increase the inflow capability and to verify the output voltage regulation. Our range is offered in various specifications and capacities to meet the client’s specific requirements.

  • Reliable and trouble free operation.
  • Low failure rate in all weather conditions.
  • Very High Efficiency.
  • Ruggedised construction, Excellent quality and high durability.
  • Laboratory equipment’s.
  • Research Labs.
  • Computer and Micro-Processor Controlled Equipment’s.
  • Wheel balancing machines.
  • Fuel Stations.
Technical Specification
Input Voltage: 180V - 260V
Output Voltage: 220V / 230V + 2 %
Output Waveform: Sinusoidal
Waveform Distortion: 5% to 7% (approximate under full load conditions)
Battery Voltage 120V-576V DC
Response: 40 milliseconds
Display LCD display for all parameters
Load Power Factor: 0.7% lag to 0.9% lead
Temperature: 50°C
Principle of Operation: Ferro-resonant
Principle of Operation: Ferro-resonant
Frequency 50Hz + 1%
Effect of Frequency 1.6% change in output voltage for every 1% change in line frequency
Humidity 0% to 95% without Condensation
Noise <60 dB
Optional Features Static Bypass Switch / Software Interface
1)Keep the CVT away from the magnetic material and equipment like monitors, diskettes, tapes etc.
2)Use 3 pin Socket while connecting the CVT and ensure the perfect earth connection.
3)CVT must be switched off when it is not in use.
4)Before switching on the CVT, make sure that all the equipment connecting on it must be in off position.
5)Not suitable for high Inductive loads.